Advances In Digital Document Processing And Retrieval


ISBN: 9789814368704

Author: Chaudhuri Bidyut Baran Et Al

Published: 23/01/2014 - 336 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific


Book Type: Review Volume

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From the participation of researchers in most important international conferences in the field, it is noted that activities in automatic document processing have been continuously growing. This book is an edited volume in Digital Document Processing where the chapters are written by several internationally renowned researchers in the domain. It will be useful for both students and researchers working on various aspects of document image analysis and recognition problems. It contains chapters on topics that are not covered by any textbook, but are more futuristic like “Going beyond the Myth of Paperlessness”, or interesting application areas like “The Role of Document Image Analysis in Trustworthy Elections” as well as “Word Recognition for Museum Index Cards with SNT-Grid”. Persons developing document analysis software for industry may also find the chapters useful and attractive. The language of the chapters is simple and clear, along with drawings/diagrams wherever necessary. An adequate number of references are given at the end of each chapter. Overall, the book is highly readable and will be an asset to the community. Renowned contributors include George Nagy, Hiromichi Fujisawa, F Kimura, D Lopresti, Chew Lim Tan, S Uchida, Thierry Paquet, Laurent Heutte, V Govindaraju, R Manmatha.

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Document Image Analysis Using Markovian Models: Application to Historical Documents (S Nicolas, T Paquet and L Heutte); Information Just-in-Time: Going Beyond the Myth of Paperlessness (H Fujisawa, H Ikeda, N Furukawa, K Konishi and S Nakagami); The Role of Document Image Analysis in Trustworthy Elections (G Nagy and D Lopresti); Information Retrieval from Document Image Databases (S Lu and C L Tan); Indexing and Retrieval of Handwritten Documents (H Cao and V Govindaraju); Comprehensive Check Image Reader (M Shridhar, G F Houle, R Bakker and F Kimura); Statistical Deformation Model for Handwritten Character Recognition (S Uchida); Robust Word Recognition for Museum Index Cards with the SNT-Grid (S M Lucas and A Foullon-Pérez); Historical Handwritten Document Recognition (S L Feng and R Manmatha); Statistical Modeling of Document Appearance (P Sarkar); Reverse-Engineering of PDF Files (R Ingold, J-L Bloechle and M Rigamonti); Recognition of Bangla Handwriting: Current Status and Future Directions (U Bhattacharya, S K Parui and B B Chaudhuri);

Indian Statistical Inst, India

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