Applied Genetics Of Humans, Animals, Plants And Fungi, The (2Nd Edition)


ISBN: 9781860946103

Author: Lamb Bernard C

Published: 04/01/2007 - 644 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific

Series: Updating ...

Book Type: Textbook

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A concise, clear writing style and a detailed and rich coverage of topics are the reasons that students found the first edition of the book so engaging and useful.Riding on this wave, all chapters within the second edition of this popular book have been thoroughly updated and expanded, especially the human and animal materials. A wider range of animals is covered, including dogs and cats as well as farm animals. The use of cord blood for therapy, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and animal cloning are also explored and dealt with.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Introduction; Aims of Applied genetics; Revision of Basic Genetic Concepts and Terminology (2,983 KB)Request Inspection Copy

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Introduction, Aims of Applied Genetics, Revision of Basic Genetic Concepts and Terminology; The Inheritance and Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Characters; Regression, Transgression, Environmental Effects and Heritability, Correlations Between Characters, Genotype, Phenotype and Breeding Values; Population Genetics: Allele Frequencies, Genetic Equilibria, Population Mixing, Genetic Drift and Gene Flow; Types and Uses of Selection; Departures from Random Mating; Mutation and Its Uses; Recombination, Mapping and Genomics; Structural Chromosome Aberrations: Their Origins, Properties and Uses; Changes in Chromosome Number: Their Effects and Uses; Supernumerary ("B") Chromosomes; Human and Medical Genetics; Plant and Animal Breeding Methods and Examples; Genetic Engineering in Plants, Animals and Micro-Organisms; Genetic Variation in Wild and Agricultural Populations, Genetic Conservation; Genetic Methods of Insect Pest Control; Reproductive Physiology in Plants, Animals and Humans, Crossing Methods; Applied Fungal Genetics; The Economics of Agricultural Products and Breeding Programmes;

Imperial College London, Uk

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