Appsmo Advantage, The: Strategic Opportunities - Evolving Defence Diplomacy With The Asia Pacific Programme For Senior Military Officers


ISBN: 9789813147577

Author: Ali Mushahid & Chin Bernard, Ong Keng Yong

Published: 25/09/2016 - 324 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific

Series: Updating ...

Book Type: Review Volume

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The book The APPSMO Advantage: Strategic Opportunities is on the Asia Pacific Programme for Senior Military Officers (APPSMO). APPSMO is a series of conferences organised by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies and its predecessor, the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, for senior military officers of Singapore and other countries of the Asia Pacific, consisting of an intensive week-long programme of lectures, forums, and discussion groups. Very senior speakers share their views on strategic matters, and defence and military issues. The programme brings together key people whose fingers are on the trigger to enable them to communicate with each other directly and informally, thereby enhancing networking among their defence forces, while benefitting from contacts and exchanges between the scholarly and policy communities.

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Preface (Ong Keng Yong); Foreword (S R Nathan); Introduction (Barry Desker); Commentary on Ministerial Keynote Addresses: Strategic Insights from APPSMO: Review of Ministerial Keynote Addresses (1999-2015) (Ong Wei Chong); Reflections on the APPSMO Experience: From Conception to Inception (Ang Cheng Guan); Social and Recreational Networking (Mushahid Ali); Reflections on the Organisation of APPSMO (Joseph Chinyong Liow); Hard Truths for Today's Military Professionals (Melvyn Ong); How APPSMO Begat APPSNO: A Personal Reflection (Kumar Ramakrishna) ; Sources of Stability and Instability in China-US Relations (Shen Dingli); Thirteen Years of Exploring Strategic Studies and Realism (Sir Steve Smith); Selected APPSMO Distinguished Lectures: Broad Perspectives and the Big Picture (Ong Keng Yong); Wielding Strategic Communications in Complex Operations (John Allen); Rebalancing the Global Economy (Iwan Azis); Strategic Uncertainty (Eliot A Cohen); The Responsibility to Protect (Hon Gareth Evans); Future-Ready Government (Peter Ho); Major Transitions in East Asia and their Global Consequences (Bilahari Kausikan); The US Pivot to East Asia (Khong Yuen Foong); Good Governance in the 21st Century (Kishore Mahbubani); Stability and Security Operations in the Asia Pacific: Lessons Learned (Hon Wayne Mapp); Planning for Future Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific (Arun Prakash); New Dimensions in International Security (Steve Smith); Security Challenges in the Asia Pacific (Datuk William Stevenson); History and Political-Military Relations (Wang Gungwu); Nuclear Weapon Policies of China and the US: Differences and Convergences (Yao Yunzhu); Indonesia's Defence Outlook: Prospects and Challenges (Purnomo Yusgiantoro); About the Editors and Contributors; Appendix; Listing of APPSMO Alumni; Listing of Past APPSMOs and Speakers; Index

S Rajaratnam Sch Of Int'L Studies, Ntu, S'Pore

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