Crisis Of Cultural Intelligence, The: The Anthropology Of Civil-Military Operations


ISBN: 9789813273634

Author: Hyndman David Et Al

Published: 30/01/2019 - 268 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific

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Book Type: Monograph

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Military and civilian organizations in the past have attempted to understand culture and the cultural environment of conflict zones through anthropology. While there is a small and growing number of studies examining the use of anthropology for counterinsurgency, no studies have compared the Anglo-Saxon ABCA Armies’ approaches to understanding cultural factors for counterinsurgency and civil-military operations.

Crisis of Cultural Intelligence: The Anthropology of civil-military Operations thus represents a timely investigation into a number of issues regarding the past and present relationship between militarized anthropology, settler colonialism, and Indigenous militancy and the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which has internationalized the claim of encapsulated nations for equal rights. Covering issues such as the use of militarized anthropology in the Vietnam War and the controversial Human Terrain System (HTS) program used in Afghanistan, this book addresses the need for constructive and informed discussions about the nature and function of cultural data collection and analysis for counterinsurgency, peace-building, and conflict prevention operations.

Crisis of Cultural Intelligence: The Anthropology of civil-military Operations is particularly important today, as cultural values and heritage continue to inform civil-military interventions of intrastate armed conflict amongst the people. Following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this book will provide some insights into how militaries will now need to look ahead and consider the types of conflicts they may become involved in.

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The Use of Cultural Research for ABCA Army Civil-Military Operations; 19th Century Evolutionary Anthropology as Colonial Intelligence; Early 20th Century Ethnography as Colonial Instrument for Government Planning; Militarised Anthropological Intelligence in the Second World War; The Cold War and the Demise of Colonial Empire; Socio-Political Status of Anthropology and Indigenous Resistance; Civil-Military Intervention in Armed Conflict Amongst the People; Cultural Intelligence in ABCA Armies; Case Studies of Cultural Intelligence in Civil-Military Interventions; Conclusion; 

Univ Of New South Wales, Australia

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