Globalization And Localization: The Chinese Perspective


ISBN: 9789814374408

Author: Deng Zhenglai

Published: 01/12/2011 - 284 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific


Book Type: Review Volume

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The aim of this book is to provide the international readership a collection of articles authored by Chinese scholars on the subject of globalization and localization. In a world where no country is an island isolated from others, globalization is bound to be contested, debated, and de- and re-constructed at different levels across the international community. For this very reason, it is important to present this concept as developed, interpreted and discussed by the Chinese community.The scope of book is broad, ranging from theoretical reflection to more concrete opinions given by the Chinese academic community, and finally to case studies on globalization and localization. It includes eleven articles by leading Chinese scholars in the past decades.

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Civil Society in China: A Theoretical Reflection: The Construction of the Chinese Civil Society (Z-L Deng & Y-J Jing); "Civil Society" in Modern China Studies: Methodology and Limitations (N-Q Yang); Civil Society in China: Concepts, Classification and Institutional Environment (K-P Yu); Graduated Control: Research on State-Society Relationship in Contemporary Mainland China (X-G Kang & H Han); Evolution of Interactive Relationships among Chinese State, Civil Ruling Elites and Commoners Before and After the Reform (L-P Sun); Historical Research on Civil Society: "State and Society" in Modern China: Research Review and Reflection (Y Zhu); The Ideas of Civil Society in Mainland China and Taiwan, 1986-92 (B-G He); Public Sphere in Neoteric China: Forms, Functions and Self-Understandings - A Case Study of Shanghai (J-L Xu); Training Ground for Democracy: Associational Life in China (S-G Wang & J-Y He); Chinese Rural Township Government: A Sequence of the Expansive Moments of the State in History (M-M Wang); The Modern Development of Civil Society in China: The Wenzhou Model of China's Civil Society (J Zhou & J-X Yu); Towards a Corporatist Development of Civil Society in China: Enabling State and Mutual Empowerment Between State and Society (E Gu); From Major Community Standard to Civil Society: A Rethinking of Traditional China and Its Modernization (H Qin)

Fudan Univ, China

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