Great Urbanization Of China, The


ISBN: 9789813224803

Author: Lu Ding

Published: 20/10/2011 - 368 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific


Book Type: Review Volume

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As China rises to become the world’s largest economy, half a billion rural villagers are expected to become urban residents in the coming decades. The great urbanization of the world’s most populated country is sure to be one of the most far-reaching social-economic events in the 21st century. This book provides a clear and comprehensive review of this unfolding event. It presents not only the evolution of public policies and institutional reforms regarding urban development over the past decades, but also an up-to-date survey and in-depth analysis of contemporary social-economic forces that define and contribute to the process of urbanization. Individuals interested in understanding China’s urban development will find this book useful, informative, and fascinating.

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Introduction: China's Great Urbanization (Ding Lu); Urbanization and City-Size Distribution in China (Shunfeng Song and Kevin Honglin Zhang); Evolution of China's Urban Development Strategy and Institutions (Ding Lu); Urban Planning for Local Development (Jieming Zhu); Industrialization, Urbanization, and Land Use in China (Xiaobo Zhang, Timothy D Mount and Richard N Boisvert); Assessing Urban Spatial Growth Patterns in China during Rapid Urbanization (Chengri Ding and Xingshuo Zhao); Land Use Reform, Land Markets, and Urban Land Use in Beijing (Chengri Ding); From Land Use Rights to Land Development Rights: Institutional Change in China's Urban Development (Jieming Zhu); A Transitional Institution for the Emerging Land Market in Urban China (Jieming Zhu); Urban Land Expansion and Economic Growth (Ding Lu); Rural-Urban Migration and Urbanization in China (Kevin Honglin Zhang and Shunfeng Song); Demography, Migration, and Regional Income Disparity (Ding Lu); Epilogue (Ding Lu); Major Events of China's Urban Development (1949-21) (Ding Lu);

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