Handbook Of Contemporary China


ISBN: 9789814350082

Author: So Alvin Y Et Al

Published: 12/10/2011 - 468 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific

Series: Updating ...

Book Type: Handbook

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Handbook of Contemporary China is a convenient reference in one single volume that offers comprehensive overviews of crucial cultural dimensions and key institutions of China. The Handbook covers a wide range of topics including: development model, politics, society, law, population, ethnicity, foreign relations, environment, urbanization, higher education, religion, literature, cinema, leisure and consumption, and internet and society. It is the first of its kind in the field of China Studies that traces the historical evolutions and profound transformations over the last three decades that ultimately allow China to achieve global ascendance. Offering a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted coverage of the seachanges of the Chinese reform, the Handbook is lucidly written and concisely presented to serve as a handy guide for both professionals and the general public to gain a quick and reliable understanding of the complexities of China.Contributing experts include Guobin Yang (Columbia University), Kevin Latham (London University), Fulong Wu (Cardiff University), Bin Liang (Oklahoma State University), Kam-yee Law (Hong Kong Institute of Education), Xiaogang Wu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Zhongdong Ma (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Barry Sautman (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Simon Shen (Hong Kong Institute of Education), David Palmer (University of Hong Kong), Yok-shiu Lee (University of Hong Kong), Carlos Wing-hung Lo (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Anna Ka-yin Lee (University of Hong Kong) Ka-ho Mok (Hong Kong Institute of Education), Li Wang (Zhejiang University), Ling-tun Ngai (Chinese University of Hong Kong), and Rui Zhang (Central Academy of Arts).

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Development Model (Alvin Y SO); Politics (Kam-Yee LAW); Social Change (Xiaogang WU); Law (Bin LIANG); Population (Zhongdong MA); Ethnicity (Barry SAUTMAN); Foreign Policy (Simon SHEN); Environment (Yok-shiu LEE, Carlos Wing-hung LO and Anna Ka-Yin LEE); Urbanization (Fulong WU); Higher Education (Ka-ho MOK and Li WANG); Religion (David A PALMER); Literature (Ling-tun NGAI); Cinema (Rui ZHANG); Consumption and Leisure (Kevin LATHAM); Internet and Civil Society (Guobin YANG);

Hong Kong Univ Of Sci & Technology, Hong Kong

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