Introduction To Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, An


ISBN: 9781860946158

Author: Thompson Michael J

Published: 18/01/2006 - 240 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific

Series: Updating ...

Book Type: Textbook

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This book provides an introduction for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students to the field of astrophysical fluid dynamics. Although sometimes ignored, fluid dynamical processes play a central role in virtually all areas of astrophysics.No previous knowledge of fluid dynamics is assumed. After establishing the basic equations of fluid dynamics and the physics relevant to an astrophysical application, a variety of topics in the field are addressed. There is also a chapter introducing the reader to numerical methods. Appendices list useful physical constants and astronomical quantities, and provide handy reference material on Cartesian tensors, vector calculus in polar coordinates, self-adjoint eigenvalue problems and JWKB theory.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Basic Fluid Equations (634 KB)Request Inspection Copy

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Basic Fluid Equations; Simple Models of Astrophysical Fluids and Their Motions; Theory of Rotating Bodies; Fluid Dynamical Instabilities; Magnetohydrodynamics; Numerical Computations; Planetary Atmosphere Dynamics; Accretion, Winds and Shocks; Viscous Accretion Disks; Jeans Instability and Star Formation; Radial Oscillations of Stars; Nonradial Oscillations and Helioseismology;

Univ Of Sheffield, Uk

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