Introduction To Computer Simulations For Integrated Stem College Education


ISBN: 9789811210761

Author: Hafez Mohamed & Tavernetti William

Published: 01/10/2019 - 200 pp Pages

Imprint / Publisher: World Scientific / World Scientific

Series: Updating ...

Book Type: Monograph (Treat As Textbook)

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This book is written to introduce computer simulations to undergraduate college students, freshmen to seniors, in STEM fields. The book starts with concepts from Basic Mathematics: Geometry, Algebra and Calculus, Properties of Elementary Functions (Polynomials, Exponential, Hyperbolic and Trigonometric Functions) are studied and simple differential equations representing these functions are derived. Numerical approximations of first and second order differential equations are studied in terms of finite differences on uniform grids. Computer solutions are obtained via recursive relations or solutions of simultaneous algebraic equations. Comparisons with the exact solutions (known a priori) allow the calculations of the error due to discretization. After the students build confidence in this approach, more problems where the solutions are not known a priori are tackled with applications in many fields. Next, the book gradually addresses linear differential equations with variable coefficients and nonlinear differential equations, including problems of bifurcation and chaos.

Applications in Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Chemical Reactions, and Combustion are included. Biographies of 50 pioneering mathematicians and scientists who contributed to the materials of the book are briefly sketched, to shed light on the history of these STEM fields.

Finally, the main concepts discussed in the book, are summarized to make sure that the students do not miss any of them. Also, references for further readings are given for interested readers.

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Introduction; Mathematical and Numerical Methods: Basic Mathematics Prerequisites; Applied Mathematics; Numerical Modules; Numerical Solution of Differential Equations; Applications in Science and Engineering: Dynamics and Vibrations; Solid and Structural Mechanics; Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Chemical Reactions; Combustion; Historical Biographies: Greek Mathematicians; Pioneers in Mathematics; French School of Mathematics; British School of Mathematics; Pioneers in Science and Engineering; Structures and Vibrations; Fluid Mechanics; Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer; Chemistry and Combustion; Electricity and Magnetism;

Univ Of California, Davis, Usa

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