Translating Texts


ISBN: 9780415788090

Author: Christopher D. Mellinger, Edited by Brian James Baer

Published: 31/10/2019 - 282 Pages

Imprint / Publisher: Routledge / Taylor and Francis

Series: Updating ...

Book Type: Textbook

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Clear and accessible, this textbook provides a step-by-step guide to textual analysis for beginning translators and translation students. Covering a variety of text types, including business letters, recipes, and museum guides in six languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish), this book presents authentic, research-based materials to support translation among any of these languages.

Translating Texts will provide beginning translators with greater text awareness, a critical skill for professional translators. Including discussions of the key theoretical texts underlying this text-centred approach to translation and sample rubrics for (self) assessment, this coursebook also provides easy instructions for creating additional corpora for other text types and in other languages.

Ideal for both language neutral and language-specific classroom settings, this is an essential text for undergraduate and graduate-level programs in modern languages and translation.


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Introduction: Translating Texts

Text Types: Samples with Text Analysis


Instruction Manuals

Museum Guides

Patient Education Materials

News Reports

Business Letters

Appendix A: Sample Grading Rubric

Appendix B: How to Build a Corpus

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Brian James Baer is Professor of Russian and Translation Studies at Kent State University and Leading Research Fellow at National Research University School of Higher Economics in Moscow, Russia. He is co-editor of Beyond the Ivory Tower: Rethinking Translation Pedagogy, author of Translation and the Making of Modern Russian Literature, and founding editor of the journal Translation and Interpreting Studies.

Christopher D. Mellinger is Assistant Professor of Spanish Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is co-author of Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies (Routledge) and the managing editor of the journal Translation and Interpreting Studies.

"This book offers a wealth of material for use in the translation classroom. It provides instructors with a scaffolded, corpus-based approach, designed to help students improve their textual awareness and adopt the kind of top-down processing of texts that is the mark of translation professionals. The introduction is packed with suggestions for how the book itself can be used, and is grounded in the most recent educational research."

Kathryn Batchelor, UCL, UK

"Aimed at building students’ translation proficiency and second language proficiency by developing their text awareness, this book represents significant progress in the research on translation pedagogy. It provides a corpus-based analysis of the features of six pragmatic genres in six languages and reveals how to write or translate these genres."

Hu Kaibao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China